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The "Reviving the Past" group (aka "The Men's Group") was originally formed to provide a forum for men to share their interests in re-vitalzing artifacts and the museum facilities. Over the years, it has welcomed the inclusion of "the ladies" resulting in improvements and addittions to the flower beds around the museum site.
The men have concentrated on building repairs and display improvements.

"The Group" meets every Tuesday morning (late April into October - weather permitting) in the church basement from 10am'ish to 3pm'ish commencing with refreshments, a light snack and lively conversation before breaking off to tend to the various chores of the day. Lunch is served at 12 o'clock 'ish.

Anyone with a interest in research ,refurbishing artifacts, maintenance, gardening, display setup etc. is welcome to apply.

Completed Volunteer Applications can be hand-delivered to the museum when it is open, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We can use your help !!!


A Prairie Museum dedicated to Manitoba's Pioneers from the Eastern European Slavic countries.